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Sonia Massari

From RAH to B: a possible challenge – Video Interview with Sonia Massari: new frontiers of Food Design & Sustainability

by Rossella Guido
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“We are facing an epochal economic transition.” Thus began Economist Stefano Zamagni at the FICO Eataly World event, organized by Rise Against Hunger Italy last 29th of May in Bologna.

The urbanization process in the world with capitals like in Nigeria that will count 85 million inhabitants due to land grabbing phenomena, need a new vision and an approach to solving problems.
The activities of Rise Against Hunger Italy contribute to create real value of a concrete fight against hunger as well as a symbolic value of avoiding that critical points are recreated.

According to Zamagni in the knowledge economy it is necessary to move from a Bipolar system: State / Market to Tripolar with the addition of the organized Community / civil society.

For this reason all the innovation that involve society is welcome.

I had the opportunity to ask to Sonia Massari more about some topics particularly interesting related the Food for the future: conditions and contradictions of sustainability.

Important drivers of sustainable food systems include education, advocacy and policies.

The management of food distribution networks is receiving more and more attention, both in practice and in the scientific literature.

Food is also common thread linking all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), given the interconnected economic, social and environmental dimensions of food systems.

Let’s explore Sonia’s toughts about:

What is the role of Food Design in the field of sustainability?

Food Delivery & Technological Innovation: What’s new?

The social function of food: who are the “Sustainable Natives”?

How does Sonia imagine the future?

Sonia Massari – She holds a Laurea (B.Sc.+M.Sc.) in Communication Sciences at Siena University (110/110 summa cum laude). MA in “Web and TV reporting”, MA in ”Marketing, CRM and Communication” and an Official Certificate in “Intercultural Communication”.
Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies at Electronic Engineering Department of University of Florence ( University of Siena consortium) on”Food System and HCI”.
Since 2004 she has been working for several Education Agencies and European Commission Research Centers,as researcher, project officer, evaluator and lecturer ( Stogea MBA, Sve.co.srl Edu&Research,Fils srl, Exitconsulting IxD, CSSC Center for Science Society&Citizenship, ArsProgetti srl, etc.) She worked as designer atSNODI(no profit org) and as account manager at TOPSAdvertisingsrl.
Then she moved to the US: she was Visiting Scholar (Graduate School) and Specialist Professor (Industrial Design) at Montclair State University (NJ) and adjunct professor at CUNY (NY).
Back to Italy, she is currently Director at GLI International Institute for Food Studies and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Food Studies Programs Rome. She teaches at ISIA Design School and SPD Master in Food Design Milan. She is “Food Design ADI Index Commission” coordinator.
She was a winner of the Women and Technologies Award 2012, intended for women committed to innovation in food and nutrition and in 2014, she won the NAFSA TLS KC’s Innovative Research in International Education Award (for her work in inserting Food Design courses in the Food Studies Curricula). She teaches at ROMA3 University ( MA and BA level)
She is senior consultant at BCFN Foundation. Co-founder and director: “Echioltremare” conference( ed. from 2011to 2015) and first European Conference on Food Design 2015.
She is in the editorial board of The International Journal of Food Design (IJFD), ASFS board member, Gambero Rosso Magazine- Design pages Specialist

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