by Rossella Guido

2019 Recap

Video Interviews Project with

Inspiring KeyPeople of our Time

Focus on: #Sustainability #Empowerment #Awareness #GenderEquality #DigitalTransformation & #CorporateSocialResponsibility

Who are the key people who can inspire others?

What personal characteristics do they have?
What are the motivations in their soul?
How do they reach their goals?
Is it possible to give examples by sharing values that help us build a better society?
Interviewing key people of our time and letting their personal characteristics emerge, bridges are built towards models of sustainable society, new energies are created that are able to be shared and grow.

Build your Reputation – Who are the Key People able to inspire others today?

Interviewing the key people of our time and letting their personal characteristics emerge builds bridges to a sustainable model of society, creates new energies to share and grow.



The 2030 UN Agenda with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), expresses a clear opinion on the unsustainability of the current development model, not only on the environmental level, but also on the economic and social one. In this way the idea that sustainability is only an environmental issue is definitively overcome and an integrated view of the different dimensions of development is affirmed.


Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality
We are meeting at a time of immense challenges to sustainable development. It is also, however, a time of immense opportunity. Significant progress can be put in place by illuminated people. Within the next generation, hundreds of millions of people must emerge from extreme poverty. The spread of information and communications technology and global interconnectedness has great potential to accelerate human progress, to bridge the digital divide and to develop knowledge societies, as does scientific and technological innovation across areas as diverse as medicine and energy.


Solving problems of stress that block the individual in the maximum expression of his personality is a path that mainly involves a review of the objectives rather than a direct action on the behavioral sphere.
New neuroscience’s study have shown that the brain is not composed of rigid and fixed structures as we thought in the past but is able to transform depending on what you think or do. Focusing on something really interesting and positive leads to the creation of new neural circuits.


Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but its achievement has enormous socio-economic ramifications. Empowering women fuels thriving economies, spurring productivity and growth. Yet gender inequalities remain deeply entrenched in every society. Women lack access to decent work and face occupational segregation and gender wage gaps. They are too often denied access to basic education and health care. Women in all parts of the world suffer violence and discrimination. They are under-represented in political and economic decision-making processes.


We usually define digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, but beyond that, it’s a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge their status quo, experiment often, and get comfortable with failure.
It is a fundamental mistake to allocate such a development to a separate space of ‘tech’, since the implications for our lives are so profound. The differences in access to digital technologies experienced by certain social groups such as the socioeconomically disadvantaged, those of lower education levels, women and the elderly, has preoccupied many researchers in the social scientific study of digital media.
We need to talk about future at every level, to be able to understand our present and to drive the changes.


Adopting socially responsible behavior also allows us to take advantage of a competitive advantage and maximize long-term profits. When a product is not appreciated solely for its external or functional quality features, but also for its non-material characteristics, such as the image and the history of its inventor, of the people who belong to the company, it produces a loyalty by the customers and its discovery by new generations who are interested in the product thanks to the values it bears.
Talking about values directs investments, taking positions in support of social issues generates interest, involves its employees and attracts new possibilities for financial resources. The cause related marketing represents for the company a marketing and communication strategy that improves its positive image. What is established is a win-to-win relationship in which both the sponsoring company and the non-profit organization derive a benefit in terms of the value created in their favor.
The company, in fact, improves, in the short and / or medium-long term, the competitive and profitable results exploiting the fact that the goods produced or services used, acquire, in the eyes of consumers increasingly sensitive to the social and ethical values that connote the specific brand or asset, a higher immaterial value; at the same time, non-profit organizations receive support for the pursuit of their institutional goals.

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Several longitudinal studies on personality confirm that the ability to achieve goals depends directly on the thoughts, feelings, social adaptations and behaviors to which we are constantly exposed over time, which strongly influence our expectations, self-perceptions, values and attitudes.

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