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Video Interview Time with FLORIANA FERRARA, Master Inventor IBM – Woman in Science: dreaming a better society

by Rossella Guido
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How a Computer Science background can make you a Better Leader?

I wondered what person of our time could be able to explain the importance of computer science and be a female leader at the same time?
Floriana Filomena Ferrara is the key person who can tell us both.

She is the first woman to become IBM Master Inventor in Italy, and she also was appointed as Digital Expert for Digital Transformation Team of Italian Government up 2018.

I met Floriana as speaker at University of Milano – Bicocca during the Progetto NERD? (Non E’ Roba per Donne?) event. Literally is a provocative acronym: It’s not ‘Stuff for Women?

This project was born from a collaboration between IBM Italy and the Department of Computer Science at the Sapienza University of Rome. The aim is to spread the passion for computing among young female students in order to guide their choices university.

The project is animated by IBM volunteers, many of whom WIT (Women in Technology) aims to show how information technology is a creative, interdisciplinary, social discipline based on problem solving, an activity in which women are brilliant.

The project includes some plenary sessions and some workshops during which the girls, coming from the last years of high school, learn to program mobile apps, without the need for any previous skills, using the IBM Cloud platform.

Computer scientist is a modern artist.

Just like a painter with monitor, keyboard and programming language capable to create art:

Facebook and whatsapp are works of art.

It is my favorite quote because as an enthusiast of emerging technologies and an ex-IBM employee I experienced personally the beauty of programming.
The result of our conversation is about the characteristics of women in the workplace and the need to fight the stereotypes of women in the world of technology.

We need to talk about Future

According to World Economic Forum 2018 surveys, technological change and shifts in job roles and occupational structures are transforming the demand for skills at a faster pace than ever before.

There is an urgent need to address the impact of new technologies on labour markets through upgraded education policies aimed at rapidly raising education and skills levels of individuals of all ages, particularly with regard to both STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and non-cognitive soft skills, enabling people to leverage their uniquely human capabilities.

Digital Transformation of the public administration in Italy: step 1 completed

The challenge for Digital Transformation of the public administration is largely a political challenge.

A more efficient and less bureaucratic State, the processes and services of which have been simplified and digitized, is one that helps the economic and productive fabric be more competitive at a global level.

I took the opportunity to ask to Floriana the situation of the digitization of the public administration system in Italy of which she is a member as Digital Expert for Digital Transformation at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

What is Floriana’s dream? Let’s find out!


What is the advantage to increase the presence of women into STEM? 00:07

Where are we with the public administration digitization’s process? 00:53

Which subject you should immediately introduce into modern school courses, as IBM Master Inventor? 01:58

A personal dream… 03:18



The Future of Jobs Report 2018 – World Economic Forum – www.weforum.org

Digital Transformation Team – https://teamdigitale.governo.it

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