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Bruno Garavelli X-Next

Video Interview with Bruno Garavelli CEO of X-Next – Advanced Technology: how to build a positive company culture?

by Rossella Guido
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I’m always intrigued about the story behind every single company, this is a story of a friendship, together with love for science & high technology powerful solutions.

Culture is a key component in business and has an impact on the strategic direction of business.
Bruno shared his great experience, particularly regarding the ability to create a business solution with social impact.

“We founded Xnext® to make our world a bit cleaner, safer and a more secure place to live”

A long preparation since the beginning of his carreer:

“When I did the MBA, (i’m an engineer), i thinked to have the perfect solution for everything. I found myself in the businesscase discussing with other professionals who had a degree in physics, mathematics and economics and they gave me a whole series of “slaps”. I started to realize that I was not at the center of the world and I could not have the presumption of being the solver. I finally realized the importance of the culture integration and contamination process as keys for success.”

Bruno wants to bring cross-contamination skills, in fact his high technology company has 30% of female presence and several PHD’s, he really believes in expertise and knowledge that come from different fields, despite the historical strongly verticalized of this kind of business.

Check out his point of view, and many other advices to build a reality that lasts over time.


1.X-Next: a friendship’s story: 00:13

2.What inspired you with this idea? 01:34

3.Do you think today’s Researchers need to get out of the building? How can they achieve an effective scientific communication? 03:32

4.”The fundamental laws of stupidity” – Carlo Maria Cipolla: 07:32

5.How to make an effective Pitch? A tip for young researcher: 09:15

6.What is happiness for you? 13:13

7.One of your dreams for the future? 14:10



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