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Sean Ellis

Video Interview with Sean Ellis: The democratic process of Growth Hacking’s Results

by Rossella Guido
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I met Sean Ellis at Milan Marketing Forum well organized by Performance Strategies and i took the chance to ask him something about Growth Hacking, but above all about the mindset applied to marketing’s efficiency strategy.

Growth Hacking is a combination of marketing, programming and service design that can identify the most effective methods to grow your business, through SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Networking and A / B testing activities.

Sean Ellis is the Top Expert on Growth Hacking marketing in he world, as well being the person who coined the term. Entrepreneur and investor, he ahs handled the marketing for some of the most important Silicon Valley companies, including Dropbox and Eventbrite. Today he works as a consultant assisting companies such as Starbucks and Amazon and is the founder and CEO of GrowthHackers.com, the largest online growth hacking community that brings together over 1.8 million users.

I was particularly inspired about his vision results oriented that perfectly matches the need to increase the presence of women in tech:
“It’s a very democratic process, usually the people who don’t like growth hacking are the very educated people because their education and credentials are in an area that is not emphasized with growth hacking. It’s not about your education, not about the gender, it’s about:
Can you drive the Results?”

MINDSET: Being a Growth Hacker is a mindset more than ever, can you give us a very simple framework on how to approach growth? 00:05

COMMUNICATION: How do you communicate with the board and set expectations when you’re trying to get a product, market fit stage? 00:48

VISION: We are learning that a growth hacker at the end of the day is a marketer but one with a different kind of set of challenges to tackle and tools to work with. How and when did you have this passion for growth hacker and how do you see your future? 02:18

GROWITH HACKING IS A DEMOCRATIC PROCESS: i usually do this question to a female leadership but i want to know your opinion about female in growth hacker marketing 04:25

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