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Video Interview with Walid O. El Cheikh: do we have the time machine in business?

by Rossella Guido
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Every startup is a living organism and the phases of its life can be metaphorically compared to the life of a human being, with the difference that in business we have the time machine to understand who we are and what we want to build.

During my journey looking for the inspiring people of our time i met Walid O. El Cheikh at #Futureland18, the international tech event organized by Talent Garden in Milan.

Walid is the reason why #InspiringPeopleDaily project has its own strength and energy.

I do not believe in coincidences, it was not expected that we would meet but these energy have their own life and seek themselves, i understood when we started talking, and you will understand why from his words in these brief video interview.

“When you have an idea as entrepreneur is like when in life you meet someone and have sex;  the conception part is when you have an idea with the spark; in pregnancy there is a lot of love but a lot of invisible uncertain elements, like when the business incubators nurture an idea;
at birth when the idea is born is like have the MVP, you have something concrete, you have a baby,
the next step you do is an accelerator like in life you go to school,
in business we have Exit strategies like to go to the University,
next milestone could be the graduation, and next one is like getting married,
the last milestone maybe when you’ll have 80 years old and thinking about all your life, thinking about of your business, well at that point when you’ll see on that journey do you regret something?
Do you feel like you have done something good to someone? Or did you helped at least one person?
As human we don’t have the power to go back in time with time machine, but in business we have this power, we can decide if we want to help at least one person or million people.”

Walid always believed in education, in his experience around the world he has collected many examples about amazing talented people, young people in particular, that are brainwashed about their future and possibilities to emerge of a signed destiny by their parents and society.

What’s the dream of Walid? Let’s find out…

I really thank Walid for sharing these inspiring toughts and hope you enjoy our video!

Walid O. El Cheikh

I coach pitching, networking, storytelling and public speaking for startups, executives, employees, students, and government officials. In my workshop, you learn by doing. I believe in a practical approach to discover your own style and develop your own presentation capabilities. Everyone can be good once you have understood the basic tips and techniques. Most importantly, you will improve at your own pace and in your own context or industry.

Pitching, networking and storytelling are important for exploring and communicating ideas, developing products/services, building teams, raising funding, selling s and finding solutions to problems.

In my sessions, I combine notions from academia, the startup world, design thinking, entrepreneurship, improvisation/acting, and corporate practices. To date, I have coached over 3000 people from various age groups (10-75), backgrounds, positions and experience levels.

I am usually invited as a speaker, coach, judge and/or mentor in various forums and industries: cleantech, ICT, games, design and education (examples below). I coach students and startups probono and my fees for companies/organizations is EUR 1500 + (VAT) for a full day training and EUR 850 + (VAT) for half day.

Bookings via email: mrcheikh@outlook.com

– Game Executive (Executive Education)
– Habitare Pitch Your Design (Designers)
– Pixel Federation (Games Studio)
– Microsoft Flux (Innovation House)
– The English School, Helsinki (High School)

– PGC Helsinki/London (Games Conference)
– GameOn Vilnius (Games Expo)
– Maria01 (Startup Community)
– Barona (HR Agency)

– Habitare Pitch Your Design (Pitching Competition)
– Design Love Business Date (Ornamo, Design Association)
– NGS (Games Conference Hallmaster)
– Mindot (LATAM Education Delegation)
– Social Selling Stories (Event)
– Slush (Argentinian Delegation)

– NGDC (Game Discovery Contest)
– Helsinki Think Company (Accelerator)
– Aalto University (Pitching Competition)

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