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Video Interviews at University of Milan with Paola Minghetti and Francesca Selmin – How Medical Biotechnology Is Advancing Modern Healthcare?

by Rossella Guido
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Medical biotechnology has improved tremendously in the recent decades, which lead to the multiple innovative techniques that aim to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases.

During Biotech Week, at the event organized by Women&Technologies at University of Milan i took the chance to ask some questions about the future of this science, the perspective for simplification of the legislation and the new female role in Biotech.

Paola Minghetti

Paola Minghetti is Full Professor at Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences – University of Milan and for many years she has been an expert on the Italian Official Pharmacopoeia.

Her career is particularly focused on Formulation and Regulatory Affairs of Health Products and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Patents.

I am convinced, with the tenacity of women and with the flexibility that even the companies are starting to have, things will necessarily change. At the end of the day the graduates in the fields of biotechnologies, pharmacy and medicine are all women, so i would even introduce the “blue quotas” because men are disappearing from these degree courses.

Paola Minghetti

Video Highlights:
What is the difference between a traditional drug and a drug developed with Biotechnology? 00:00

The topic of drug accessibility and its sustainability 01:19

The regulatory difference between Europe and the United States 02:30

Female Leadership in Biotech 03:27

Francesca Selmin

Francesca Selmin is Associate Professor in the same Department of Pharmaceutical Science, her fields of study is focused on the key-concepts and techniques in the manipulation of protein functions, the biopharmaceutic aspects and the design of drug delivery systems intended for the main routes of administration, and the regulatory aspects related to their manufacturing and marketing.

Video Highlights:

What are the best conditions to administer molecules of biotechnological origin? 00:00
What is the efficiency’s degree of a biotechnological drug compared to a traditional one? 00:37
Special advice for young female student who is about to make the important choice of this university course 01:20

As companies continue to develop medicines that address significant unmet needs, future innovations in biotechnology research will bring exciting new advances to help millions of more people worldwide.

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