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2019 Recap

What a Year! 2019 Recap

by Rossella Guido
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🎉What an incredible year it has been!
Looking back on 2019, one thing is clear: i’m incredibly lucky to be part of such an inspired community of Key People of our time!
🎥 A video interview is often considered just as a simple conversation, for me is an important opportunity to shed light on what i really care about, in order to create connections and fostering human growth by encouraging concrete actions.
💡 Here are just a few highlights where you can easily recognize outstanding Women in Leadership, people committed in Artificial Intelligence for social good, Business Angels, transformational coach, advanced technology Industry Leaders and innovators in the practice of Healthcare and Biotechnology solutions.

🍿 Then here we go!
Thanks to:
Antonella Ferro, Paolo Gallo, Randi Zuckerberg, Sean Ellis, Floriana Filomena Ferrara , Mario Furlan, Peter Luntz, Sonia Massari, Marco Zappalorto, Roberto Bonzio, Stefania Tielli, Maurizio Castagna, Michele Ghedina, Tristano Valentino Grandinetti, Marco Bicocchi Pichi, Darya Majidi , Michele Sangineto & sons Caterina + Adriano , Rosetta Campilongo, Raffaele Sgherri , Alessandro Rossi, Mattia Conte , Bruno Garavelli, Umberto P Martino Medico Odontoiatra , MariaLuisa Nolli, Paola Minghetti.

I need to thank at least 7 other people very important for my Vision:
Alberto Albieri, he inspires me daily motivation to achieve personal goals and reminds me that clock is ticking, 2020 will be crucial with only 10 years to achieve the SDGs, we need to work together to guarantee a better life for the world’s most vulnerable to end hunger by 2030.
Paule Ansoleaga Abascal personally committed to bring together the power of finance, policy, enterprise and innovation to accelerate the 2030 Agenda.
Aaron Pugliesi gifted with entrepreneurial mindset and delivering powerful messages covering topics on inspiration, innovation, business, technology and leadership.
Francesco Battaglia supporting all my projects with a spirit of curiosity and resourcefulness, allowing me to become a true ambassador for iBicocca project to spread the culture of innovation for the next generation of students
Moira Nazzari web editorial partner at Bicocca University, with the best original ideas and never stop woman
Richa Lal an amazing human being, a daily inspiration to become a better professional in scientific english communication, she showed me generosity, solidarity and kindness
Chiara Alzati best partner for video public speaking and how to engage the audience, strong and determined woman of our time.

Together we can change the world, one interview at a time 😉

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